Jade West
Jade West..

Full Name -

Jade West

Family -

Mr. West (Dad)

Mrs. West (Mom)

Romances -

Beck Oliver

Portrayed By -

Elizabeth "Liz" Gilles

Jade West is one of the main characters in the TV series Victorious. She appears to be very goth-like. She has a very aggressive attitude and was possessive of her ex-boyfriend, Beck Oliver and gets jealous easily. This attitude may have a connection to her father as Tori described him as cold and judgemental in Wok Star. She has a fetish for scissors and other weird things such as a lump of fat (Rex Dies), monkey fur (Freak the Freak Out) and blood (Tori Gets Stuck/Freak the Freak Out). She is an actress, scriptwriter, and singer. Her best friend is Cat Valentine although she is not mean towards Andre Harris. She is portrayed by Liz Gillies.

Personality and Appearance

Even though she originally took on the role of a "Mean Girl," she fits more of the role of a "bad girl". Jade may follow Goth style, as she is often seen wearing black nail polish, piercings and tattoos, black clothes, and black accessories, and has a rather dark outlook on life. She often gets props for her hard work at performing. Jade has a star tattoo on her right inner arm and has gotten another one (Beck mentions that "Jade's getting her new tattoo" in a video on, "Tori Takes Requests #2). Jade also has multiple streaks in her hair, which change from time to time in color but mostly they are blue, and two piercings one on her left eyebrow and one on her nose (which she got 45 minutes after her mother told her not to.). She and Beck have matching necklaces. They are a gold ring with a black line through it. Based on evidence shown on TheSlap, she seems to have quite an obsession with Beck, her long time boyfriend of more than two years. This obsession started the rivalry with Tori. Jade assumed that Tori was trying to flirt with him and lashed out at her. Jade hates many things for various reasons. She writes that she hates spring because of the allergies (among other reasons) which shows that she may have pollen allergies. Her favorite Hollywood Arts teacher

ZJade - Angry

is Mr. Sikowitz according to TheSlap. She also seems to have very subtle ways of revenge. She said in her profile video that if someone makes her seriously angry "..I won´t get in a fight with you, but I willretaliate in a way they'll make you sad for a LOOONG time." In "Stage Fighting," a girl who accidentally threw a cup of water at her begged her: "Please don´t destroy me socially!" This implies Jade is rather high on the social hierarchy of Hollywood Arts. She has a macabre sense of humor as well as somewhat sadistic tendencies. It shows when she says things like blood is "cool" and it's "really funny" when a monster in a movie rips out a girls eyes. In "Survival of the Hottest," Jade claims she doesn't sweat. She sweats for the first time ever when they are all stuck in Beck´s RV with temperatures of 110 degrees and starts to cry afterward. It is assumed she hasn't sweat since this. In "Wi-Fi in the Sky", it is shown she has a collection of butterflies and several things in jars in her room. One may be the lump of fat she got from a doctor in "Rex Dies", it came from a cab drivers back. In "Cat's New Boyfriend" she makes Tori feel awkward whenever Daniel and Cat are around acting lovey-dovey. She may have been trying to show Tori how she felt in the Pilot when Tori kissed Beck. Jade is an extremely talented singer which was made apparent in the episode "Freak the Freak Out" when she sang a duet with Cat in a karaoke contest. Although Jade has a dark personality, she doesn't like being thought of as "scary" or "freaky" as shown in A Film by Dale Squires and Ice Cream for Ke$ha. Jade West is beautiful,smart and funny in all the episodes from Beck experience when they dated.

As of Season 3, so far, Jade has broken up with Beck Oliver. They got back together in the last Season of Victorious.

Jade made an appearance in the poorly constructed spin-off, Sam & Cat. In the episode "The Killer Tuna Jump", she becomes best friends with Sam Puckett.


  • Jade many times broke the law but did not get in trouble, such as in at Sikowitz's Sleepover at Sikowitz's and Gets Stuck Tori Gets Stuck.
  • Jade has mentioned in The Diddly-Bops that she has a grandfather whose nose got "blown off in the war".
  • Jade's father (who appeared in Wok Star) reportedly hates all things having to do with performing, and thinks they are stupid. She claims that he hates her guts, and does not seem to interact with him very often, as when they chat after her play they share only a few awkward words. He does not seem to smile or laugh, and Jade remarks that she has never seen him "so happy" before.
  • On TheSlap, Beck captions a picture stating that Jade never smiles. However, she does smile.
  • Jade's locker is next to Robbie's locker.
  • Jade has a black purse made out of monkey fur (Freak the Freak Out).
  • Jade is possibly a masochist, as she was disappointed that the feet smoothing wouldn't hurt her, wanted Tori to slap her with a sausage (Cat's New Boyfriend), said she would love it if she exploded (Survival of the Hottest), and was disappointed that getting a haircut didn't hurt (post from She has posted "This is a crisis. My day's completely ruined. Just found out that song "Killing Me Softly" is actually a really sweet song." (on Also, in Ice Cream for Ke$ha, she said "This is actually causing me pain, and not the good kind."
  • Jade likes blood because in Freak the Freak Out, Cat asked Tori what was on her arm, and when Tori said it was Trina's blood, Jade said, "Cool," with fascination. Also, in Tori Gets Stuck Jade says to take a lot of blood from Tori and send whatever they don't use to her house.
  • Jade was called a 'gank' three times in the episode "Freak the Freak Out" by Tori, Andre, and Mr. Sikowitz. It was implied that Beck thinks she is one too, since when Andre said "She can be a gank." he replied, "You have no idea".
  • According to The Wood, it is shown that Jade (and Tori) know[s] how to speak and sing the song "Forever Baby" in Spanish when she and Tori push Festus home in a wheelbarrow.
  • In Jade Dumps Beck, Jade says her favorite tropical fruit is the mango.
  • In A Film by Dale Squires, Jade said she actually felt bad when André's cousin attacked Dale on national TV, after he did give credit to the group for the short film.
  • She also appears to have a liking for butterflies, based on the fact that she has a collection of butterflies in her room, and has been shown to have a black notebook with pink butterflies on it.
  • Jade often impersonates Tori with a Judy Garland accent and a faux sweet voice.
  • Jade loves to drink coffee and drinks it black with two sugars. She is often seen holding a cup of it at the beginning of an episode. Jade says she loves coffee so much that she wants to marry a man that is "like coffee".
  • It's said in Ice Cream for Ke$ha that Jade didn't have a happy childhood. It's also said that her favorite toy, when she was a child, was a hammer.
  • In Wok Star Jade shows a nice, respectful attitude towards Mrs. Lee until she tries to change Jade's play and ideas. This shows Jade can be completely hostile-free towards people until they tick her off.
  • Jade likes scaring babies (mentioned in Tori Gets Stuck).
  • Jade loves hot tubs/jacuzzis because they feel like she has been kidnapped by witches and they are using her to make human soup, according to the crossover with iCarly.
  • She hates birthdays, except her own. She said that it was her birthday on July 26th. Liz Gillies (the actress who plays Jade) also was born on July 26th.
  • Jade is somewhat of a heavy sleeper, as seen in Locked Up.
  • It is mentioned in the TheSlap video "Jade With Tots 2" that her father has a "new wife".
  • Jade is the captain of the ping pong team in Hollywood Arts in The Great Ping-Pong Scam, although she is never seen playing ping-pong against anyone before. This is probably because she founded the team.
  • Jade is the only one who's not afraid of Helen, the new Hollywood Arts principal.
  • Jade seems to like making up her own scripts for plays that is either dark or scary. (Shown in Wok Star, Helen Back Again, and Prom Wrecker.)
  • In Jade Gets Crushed, Tori shows that Jade likes scary, sad, or tragic movies. Also, she claims that "Beef makes her puke", which may or may not be true.
  • According to Jade Dumps Beck, Jade has her driver's license.
  • She dislikes like the Sesame Street theme song. (Terror on Cupcake Street)
  • She has a neighbor whose house she eggs every Halloween.
  • She says that most people think she loves Halloween, but in reality, there's a lot of things she doesn't like about it. This may be also a part of Jade's hate for October.
  • It is possible that she lives in a shady neighborhood. This is shown on The man who lives across the street from her was arrested and she is the one who usually eggs her neighbor's house.
  • It can be assumed that she lives with her mother at least some of the time, as she says that her mother let Cat into her house (Cat Crashes Jade's House).
  • Surprisingly, she doesn't seem to mind shopping, However according to Beck, she only likes to try on black clothing. However, she doesn't really like Black Friday.
  • Jade is one of the four main characters (with Tori, Robbie, and André) who have never been absent for an episode.
  • In Wi-Fi in the Sky, there is a shot of Jade's laptop. It has a spiderweb with a spider coming down from it as a decal.
  • Jade mentioned that her father has called the police on her at Thanksgiving.
  • She used to spend Thanksgiving with Beck, and once made his family cry by saying grace before dinner.
  • She has cried twice on the show, once when Beck would not get back together with her (Jade Dumps Beck), and once when she realized she was sweating for the first time (Survival of the Hottest).
  • Even though her main focus is script-writing, she is also able to compose song lyrics, as shown in Jade Gets Crushed.
  • Jade is good at doing funny voices, as seen not only by her impersonations of Tori but also in several Slap videos and during Sikowitz's classes like in The Bird Scene and Helen Back Again.
  • According to Beck's New Year's Eve status update of 2011, Jade calls New Year's Eve parties "Death of [insert number of the past year] parties".
  • She doesn't go in the ocean because she is afraid of dolphins, due to a traumatic experience she had in third grade.
  • According to a picture on TheSlap, she likes older guys.
  • Jade will appear in the poorly constructed series, Sam & Cat.[1]

Jade's Quotes

  • My favorite toy was a hammer. You finish the puzzle. (Ice Cream for Ke$ha)
  • If someone was pushed off this catwalk, and they landed on the floor really hard, do you think they'd live? (Rex Dies)
  • Dude! Why are you rubbing my boyfriend? (Pilot)
  • Can't wait for our fight....scene. (Stage Fighting)
  • But the most surprising part of the play happened at the end, when the monster gauged out Priscilla's eyes, which for whatever reason, I found really funny. Questions? (The Birthweek Song)
  • And what does it say? Maybe, "Hi Beck! My daddy just got richer and I got prettier, let's make out!" (Jade Dumps Beck)
  • Okay, something's dripping on me. Something's dripping on me! What's going on, what's happening?! (Survival of the Hottest)
  • Enjoy my monkey fur! (Freak the Freak Out)
  • Here, I'll playfully punch your arm as if we were friends. (Wok Star)
  • Well! Aren't you two having a fun time eating raisin bran together? Just be careful now Mr. British Man, because who knows what terrible things might happen to you if that continues. (Sleepover at Sikowitz's)
  • You must feel pretty stupid right now. (Beggin' on Your Knees)
  • Uh oh! Look's like Tori Vega's prome has turned in to one big boopity boo! (Prom Wrecker)
  • Yeah, if you get sick...or go missing...or get hit by a BUS! (Tori Gets Stuck)
  • Maybe he locked himself in a dark closet because you forced him to go see a play that made his whole life seem like a big fat pile of garbage. (Tori Tortures Teacher)
  • I will pop your head like a zit. (Terror on Cupcake Street)
  • Yes, a terrible, hilarious accident. That now has seventeen hundred views! (Who Did it to Trina?)
  • No! Fifteen years ago, your mother gave birth to the wrong thing! (Tori the Zombie)
  • Whats the prob? Dog! (Pilot)
  • Yeah! We're clapping because it's over! (Freak The Freak Out)


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